Me on blog envy and bloggers’ block

There are 3 unfinished blog drafts on my desktop – taunting me with its tongue sticking out like only a hyperactive two year old can taunt. I rarely have NOTHING to say, so for me to feel “meh” about my half written posts, not knowing how to finish them, is a pretty unhappy deal for me.

Naturally, I took to the internet in search of a cure for the frozen creative juices and I stumbled upon Rock ‘n Roll Bride’s awesome post on the topic. After letting it sink in, I decided to make a mash-up of a few of the solutions she suggested and why I think it will work:

  1. Rock ‘n Roll Bride: Start a new series or project

Me: Starting a new series works because it’s like a deadline. Take my Friday Song crush posts for instance. I LOVE DOING THOSE POSTS – and people like listening to music. It also gives me a reason to hunt down new music and who doesn’t like good, new music? Starting a new project works, because if you do something different, you’ll have something to write about. Not only because it’s new, but because you’ll be able to provide a “beginner’s perspective” on the subject. As a result of my “quest for a new project”, I now have a Marvel membership, which means you’ll be seeing more of these… Chris evans

  1. Rock ‘n Roll Bride: Write about something that scares you

Me: Green Lydia just posted something a little risqué by many standards, but the response was amazing! She wasn’t sure if she should post it or not, but afterwards, she had some GREAT ideas. scared sponge

  1. Rock ‘n Roll Bride: Change up your location

Me: This is the most obvious solution, but also the most underrated. Take your laptop over to a coffee shop, have a piece of cake and some coffee and see how you feel.

  1. Rock ‘n Roll Bride: Have a clear out

Me: She suggests cleaning up your social media and blog following. At first I didn’t agree, but for the purpose of getting out of the rut, I asked myself whether I’m just cluttering up my Bloglovin and Twitter feed with blogs and people I don’t read or like to follow. Reading new blogs and Pinterest boards inspires new ideas.

…. Which brings me to ….   Blog envyI’ve had a look at some amazing South African and UK based blogs and instead of feeling inspired, I felt extremely envious and inadequate. They’re so unique and either wonderfully simplistic or whimsically decorated … in which case, I either get side tracked by the cyber fish or the animated flower cursor pointer (in a “good blog, bad Leana” kind of way).  PanzyI went back to my dinky little free blog that I despised at THAT very point. I wished it looked as pretty as the others did and that I had a natural inkling of what “popular content” was. I wanted to quit the whole damn thing… SELF DESTRUCT meI realized a couple of things while talking myself off the proverbial ledge after a day of wallowing in self-pity and blog resentment passed:

  • I started blogging because I like writing – not for fame and fortune, however I DID think I’d get “discovered”. #ignorance
  • The blogs that inspired me, turned out to be the simple ones – the ones that didn’t necessarily have fancy logos and taglines or went overboard with the product reviews. It was a mix of professional and newbie bloggers which each had their own little themes to which they stayed true.
  • STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF AND YOUR BLOG… FOR YOUR OWN SANITY – you might not be miss popular if you write about vintage cups and saucers but, hey, at least you’re writing about stuff you like. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with pushing your boundaries. I’ve had to write things that I didn’t want to write about and they turned out to be some of my best pieces.
  • Blogging in South Africa is about as competitive as the Hunger Games and I’ve decided not to partake. I found that competing for invitations to launches stripped me of the joy that blogging brought me.

Blog envy is just envy, which means that it’s something that you can grow and learn from. If it’s possible for me to see the very dim light at the end of the envy tunnel, ANYONE can!

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11 thoughts on “Me on blog envy and bloggers’ block

  1. Great post. I think that so many of us (including myself) have gotten caught up in the “but why can’t I be invited to that thing” part of blogging and it brings people down and its not necessary. The reason that I havent been very active on my blog is probably that exact same thing. The desire to try to be a part of something that I will never be a part of has left me. Now, I just need to reclaim that little piece of me and continue on my own merry path.

  2. Moving, TWO blown hard drives and all the poo flinging in the SA blogosphere has really taken it’s toll on my blogging attempts as well of late. But I spent the weekend browsing WAY back to the beginning of my little blog with a friend, and it really made me realise how far I’d come – I’m still vloeking like a sailor, but my photography’s definitely improved, as well as the overall feel of the blog! I think taking a step back, and realising why you do it (personally, mine is a bit of a diary) really helps clear your head 🙂

  3. Love this post Leana! A little while ago, I had a “my blog and I aren’t good enough moment” and stopped posting anything for w bit. It was all because my blog is mostly made up of my look posts, but my photos are either mirror photos, or taken in a mad rush by my husband before my little girl photobombs (it happens every time now), and my blog looked nothing like the others with their awesome photos and professional feel. Took a while, but then I remembered that I didn’t start my little blog to impress anyone, or compete with anyone else. It’s something I wanted to do for me, my own space to share what I think is cool or funny. Having people actually take time to read and like what I blog about is an added bonus, comments make me super happy, and just reading my posts after I publish makes me smile (it’s the simple things haha). 🙂

  4. Really loved this post!! Sometimes I feel like a little fishy swimming against the tide (I think it’s a salmon that swims upstream?)…I know I will never be popular, but I really do love what I do and I am happy following my own course. Hopefully get to chat about it in person soon 🙂

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