RAIN – Umvumvu Tree mist

If you know RAIN then you know all about their amazing range of products and how incredibly fresh and natural they smell. I particularly love the Biologie range, which comprises of a variety of different scrubs, soaps and lotions which not only leaves your body feeling cared for, but also leaves you uplifted.

I’ve been fortunate enough to try out the Imvumvu Tree mist – a new addition to the already amazing RAIN product range. Initially, I wasn’t too sure how to use it and thought I would carefully think about it before using it. I hunted for reviews on the internet, but there wasn’t much to go on (either that, or I haven’t looked hard enough).

Anyways, after visiting the RAIN website (duh!) I was finally educated on the matter. In short, these mists are made from essential oils that heal you. Aromatherapy has always been an interest of mine and I read up on the benefits of these oils before. So, when I realised what these mists are all about, I was completely ON BOARD with it.

Let me just say this one thing before I get technical – WHAT A LOVELY SMELL. I carry the Umvumvu mist with me all the time because it lifts my mood instantly. When I’m at the office, I ZEN it out with the mist and all I need now is a bonsai garden with a miniature waterfall behind me and I’m sorted.

The Umvumvu mist contains:

  • Cypress Essential Oil to clear mental blocks and to release negative patterns
  • Petigrain Essential Oil to Cleanse, energize – the sunlight for the soul
  • Vetiver Essential Oil for grounding and strengthening

Whenever I feel tired or down, a quick spritz gets me going again – it WORKS. They retail for R125 – get them at your nearest RAIN store or online!

If you need a “lift-me-up” on the go, then this little Umvumvu is just what you need!

Click on the picture to go to buy your own!



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