Friday Song Crush – Ginger’s pick

I’ve got serious trust issues – especially when it comes to my music. So when I gave Ginger free rein (yes… not the REIGN one) over this Friday Song crush, I was like…

giphyThe thing you have to understand about our tastes in music is this… I’m a raging Indie groupie. He’s a trance junkie. Remember a couple of weeks ago I posted London Grammar’s Hey Now and their cover of Wicked Games? Well, Ginger was like…  200_sBut look at us now, making it work with the Arty Remix AND another London Grammar song that I am totally in love with, called Strong. We found the middle ground in the form of the High Contrast Remix with this one and I’m happy to say that now I’m crushing on them both! Listen and enjoy!

Happy Weekend everyone! Shit knows I need it!

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