Detox Challenge update – Day one!

The clock struck 6 and I thought “I want out!” You guys! This is hard! Here’s what I can eat:

  • 3 Herbalife shakes a day
  • Up to 6 Herbalife teas
  • Herbalife Aloe drink
  • 1 portion of steamed veggies/salad of your choice

Thalgo also sent me 10 vials of Ocea Draine detoxing solution which I’ll be taking every day. It doesn’t taste so good but that’s how you know it really works. 😀

Thoughts? 3 days to go!

My crazy level? It’s about 6 out of 10… going-crazyFindings:

Yeah, I don’t know what it is, but my skin and even hairline have become so incredibly oily but I like to think that it’s the detox that’s pushing out all the gunk in my body and out of my pores – gross.

Bitching and moaning aside, I feel strong and very proud that I’ve made it through the first 24 hours!

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2 thoughts on “Detox Challenge update – Day one!

  1. That’s some crazy detox but well done on getting through the first day. My eye is twitching just thinking about doing it so hats off to you and you should feel amazing for it.

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