Detox challenge update – Day 2

Judging by the way I’m dealing with stuff, it is apparent that I have a wine dependency issue…. Overshare! I have to admit that I’m not as hungry as I was and I just chug down the Herbalife shake holding my nose to avoid puking. Just a footnote – the shake doesn’t taste bad with milk, but there’s a significant difference in taste when using soya milk…. Bleh. Just look at that gross colour…

I can definitely see why detoxing is good for you. Yesterday was BAD. I was hungry, moody, sad and shaky. Today I was the opposite and I’m feeling strong. It’s amazing to actually experience the saying “you are what you eat” and then to realise what a good, focused and energetic person you can be when you feed yourself properly.

The bad thing is that I’ve developed a cold – but according to experts it is totally normal and you should just take it easy. So yay for me – no exercising until Thursday! Also, my bedtime has moved to 9pm – No point in being hungry!

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One thought on “Detox challenge update – Day 2

  1. You go with your bad self! (Or good cause you’re detoxed now.)
    But seriously now, you don’t have a wine dependency. Wine is your friend. Wine loves you.
    I’m just saying.
    Oh and it’s good for your heart too, hey? Don’t forget.

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