Tuesday 10’s – 10 ways to get over the Monday Blues

Last weekend, I thought of ways to avoid the Monday blues because the fact of the matter is…. MONDAYS SUCK. We all hate Mondays, but I don’t think Monday should be blamed for being the first day of the working week… shame man. Let’s turn Monday into a Funday! Here’s how:

  1. Have something to look forward to – For me Bath milk Monday is “a thing”. I try to save my spoils for Mondays and even Sunday evenings when the Sunday blues set in. Or, have some wine.

  2. Start the day off with chocolate – no kidding. It lifts your mood. But if you’re feeling slightly guilty about it, opt for a 80% coco chocolate. Or, have some wine.
  3. Wear clothes that make you feel good – when you feel good about yourself, the likelier you’ll be open and accepting to your surroundings – it’s a mind trick. Or, call in sick. 😀
  4. Do your hair – again, if you feel good about yourself, you’ll feel better in general. Or, have some wine.

  5. Wear the good perfume – you know, the one you only wear on special occasions? Or, have some Calmettes.
  6. Spruce up the playlist – love listening to music? Make your day a little better by taking your Mp3 player to work and listening to your favourite tracks. Or, have some wine.
  7. Pack in a good lunch – look at it this way, lunch time marks the half of the day. Celebrate it! Or, pack in some wine.

  8. Create a special Monday routine – make it special. I have swopped out my Monday gym session for Monday night Movie Madness. I’ll just lounge on the couch or in bed with my favourite movies find my favourite movies and I just soak up the laziness. And then I’ll have some wine! 😀
  9. Cut out the Monday night cooking – go for something fun, tasty and easy like cheese and tomato snackwitches – YUM…. or, just have some chocolate. chocolate
  10. Indulge in your favourite activity – Whatever it is, do it! Like drinking wine. 😀

I don’t know bout you but I feel better about Mondays already! Cheers!

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