Friday Song Crush – welcome back Enrique!

I swear, if I hear “hello kitty, Hello hello kitty” one more time, I’m going to “Hello kitty” my pants. Which is why I said “good bye 5fm” and “hello radio streaming and kfm”. It’s sad, really, but when your hip, younger sister agrees that the quality of music on our long time favourite radio station is somewhat… “meh”, then a change is inevitable.

I did a little digging and a lot of listening over the last couple of days and was elated to hear some fresh and fun music and even more happy when I saw a new collaboration with one of my all time favourite artists – Flo Rida.

He teamed up with Mr. Mole himself – Enrique Eglesias – and created such a cool, dancy, upbeat song that I’m gonna just admit it… it’s so on my playlist right now… enjoyingI hope you all enjoy – There goes my baby – Enrique Iglesias ft Flo Rida. 😀 *wiggle wiggle wiggle*

long weekend


7 thoughts on “Friday Song Crush – welcome back Enrique!

  1. I agree! There are very few radio stations playing good music or is it that there is not many singers making good music??
    This song is so catchy, I’m constantly finding myself bopping my head head to it.

    • I know what you mean! I think it might be a little of both? I really have been looking hard for good new music, but I couldn’t find anything. If it carries on like this, I’m going to have to dig into the archives for next week’s crush.

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