No more blogscuses, because…. Blog Boot Camp

Blog super stars, Lana from LanaLou style and Katherine Rossiter from Becoming You blog, have combined their blogging knowledge and breathed life into a wonderful initiative called Blog Boot Camp”.

At first, Blog Boot Camp seemed somewhat “too good to be true”. I mean, why would the pro’s share the knowledge, tips and tricks that they’ve worked so long and hard for with a whole new generation of bloggers? Though it didn’t come for free, I still couldn’t believe that they’d be willing to part with their insight.

On the morning of the 7th of June, I went on my merry way to “The Office Restaurant” in Buitengracht Street, all the while freezing my butt off. It wasn’t difficult to find the venue either – Leana: 1; poor navigation skills: 0.

The friendly staff welcomed us with a smile and a much needed warm coffee while we started chatting each other up. 🙂  I’ve never been at blogger-get-together where everyone was as friendly as the girls at the Blog Boot Camp.

 collage 1

I was also very surprised to find that all the ladies were either thinking of starting a blog or have only recently started blogging. This sort of meant that I was the veteran amongst the students – like the kid who’s doing the 2nd grade for the 2nd time. BUT I was absolutely blown away by the information we were given and the amount of blog-musts that I’ve skipped over on my journey thus far.

collage 2

Is Blog Boot Camp for you?

Speaking as a blogger with a year’s worth of blogging experience, some of the topics would have gone right over my head if I didn’t have the basics of blogging down. They covered quite a variety of topics that I had no knowledge of either, which made it worth my while attending. On the other hand, the really newbie bloggers now have the upper hand of access to the necessary information for a good blogging start. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t envious of them.

The swag

A little birdie (ah hem… Katherine Rossiter) told me that the goodie bags were good. I didn’t expect them to be THAT good. THANK YOU to all the sponsors who’ve contributed to this TOTALLY amazing goodie bag – it was really difficult to contain myself.

· Consol

· Poetry

· Zana

· Bow Peep

· Washi Bug

· Revlon

· Juliette Armand

· Mio

· Langaro

· A love supreme

· Hodgy’s

· Dermalogica

· In Good Company

· Bullcakes & Cupdogs Cupcakes

· Nadia van der Mescht

· Batiste

· Nomu

· Piz Buin

· Umonlu Catering

collage 3

And I won a prize

At the beginning of the session, we were told to use our social media pages with the #Blogbootcampsa tag in our Tweets, Instagrams and Facebook posts. Naturally, I went bonkers on all the platforms because, and I quote “it might be in your favour”. So, my phone eventually died and I had to call it a day, but it really was SO WORTH IT! I won these super cute cushions from Zana – one for me and one for Ginger!!!


All and all

Blog Boot Camp seats go for R600 which I would happily pay again – the food was great, the information was relevant and valuable, the company was awesome and all the amazing people I got to meet made it even more of a memorable experience. If you would like to sign up for the next meet, make sure to follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook page for news on the next event.

“There’s enough room for all of us” – Katherine Rossiter on competitiveness in the Bloggerverse.


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