Being Blessed

I deliberately saved this post for when the “hype” around Bloggers who bless died down so that it could be viewed in the way it was intended to be viewed.

Some time ago, Heather De Bruin, one of the most loving people I know, approached me about joining an initiative called “Bloggers who Bless”. At first I couldn’t quite understand the concept, but as I got more involved, the more it became clear – Bloggers who Bless, is a community of bloggers – experienced and not – who support and encourage each other through daily messages, tweets and/or emails (daily is very ambitious, but you get where I’m going with this).

Last week I felt somewhat “screwed over” by Life in general. I felt as if nothing was going right for me – everyone else seemed happier and more successful than me – it was a classic case of “the greener grass” syndrome.

But today, as I looked at the wonderful women I call friends (the Bloggers who Bless) I truly felt honoured, blessed and happy. Just by spending 2 hours with them – talking about everything – I realised that THIS: FRIENDSHIP, is what it’s all about. Just being able to call these lovely women my friends was just the inspiration I needed.

I was never the “popular” girl or the most loved or the coolest, but here, I belong. It’s never been about the swag, the food (maybe a little) or possible exposure – it’s about the comradery – the reassurance that you have people who will catch you when you fall.

Every month we get together somewhere fantastic for a bit to eat – this is great for a Northern subbie like me who likes to spread her wings and explore the Cape. Today we munched down some sliders and slurped on gourmet milkshakes at Hudson’s Burger Joint in Claremont. food

Thanks to my poor navigation skills (I got cocky) we ended up taking a detour but thankfully Lisa-Jade’s Blackberry rescued us in the nick of time (I take back anything nasty I ever said about Blackberry).

The theme this month was “Bikes” and we had to dress up in our best biker chick attire. I loved the venue – I’d even consider having my birthday party there because the vibe is awesome and there’s nothing pretentious about the place. It screams “I want burgers and YEAH… I DO want fries with that!”

Once again, Heather went out of her way to make it special for all of us with the extra touches she puts into the table decor. heather's creationWe were instructed to write our “assigned buddy” and a random person of our choosing a little note to inspire them…


And the rest was fun, chats and laughter…

groupSo thank you to all the ladies in the Bloggers who bless group and EVERYONE else who I call “Friend” in this blogtastic world we live in. You all make my life so much brighter, happier and interesting. I love you all!

long weekend


4 thoughts on “Being Blessed

  1. It’s been awesome to make new friends through BWB and meet such kind, supportive and slightly zany ladies in my blogging world x

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