Win some Lipice and who knows… what else ? #OohAah


If you haven’t heard of the #OohAah competition that Lipice is running, then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Click on the pic to go to their Facebook page.

THE BIG PICTURE: Lipice is running a competition at the moment where you upload a picture of anything that makes you go #OohAah onto Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the #OohAah hashtag and tagging lipice into the pic. They are giving R2000 worth of prizes every week to one lucky entrant!

THIS WEEK: From the 16th of June to the 20th of June I will be running my own little competition in collaboration with Lipice! All you have to do is enter as you would normally do (as above) only, you’d have to tag me into the mix too! It’s very easy, I’m @Leanahenke on Instagram AND on Twitter… so easy peasy!

Then you’ll be in the running for the BIG prize AND I’ll be giving a lucky lady/man/person 2 Lipice variants – Cranberry and Honey Cream PLUS a mystery prize!

Let me just say this – forget everything you used to know about Lipice – they’ve completely revolutionized the old favourite and made it even better. It tastes absolutely divine (yea I know you’re not supposed to eat it) and it feels amazing on your lips!

Watch my video …. and then ENTER ENTER ENTER!!! GO ABSOLUTELY BONKERS! Just remember – I’ll only enter those who tag me into their #oohaah pics! (PS… not one of my best videos, but hey…)


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