Rain – the natural soap making mavens (Book launch)

A little while ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to join and celebrate Bev Missing’s Natural soap making book launch. If you don’t know who Bev Missing is… J’accuse! She’s only the mastermind behind one of my favourite natural brands – Rain.

So, of course, I leaped at the opportunity to see Bev in soap making action and on the 31st of May, Heather, Coral and I popped over to the Casa Labia Café in Muizenberg for a morning of soap making fun.  Collage - RainMy love for anything “natural” has been a long standing love and I’ve even tried my hand at soap making too. What I didn’t know at the time was that MY way of making soap was not the natural way.

Upon arrival, we were offered a lovely cup of coffee to warm our cold bodies and some freshly baked muffins. I was also very, very lucky to meet some gorgeous bloggers like Dee from Things Dee loves, Katherine Rossiter and other amazing people like Elmari who works at a very well-known magazine. (The life I live…. :-P)

It was such a treat to see how natural soaps are made and I understand now why they are more expensive than the run of the mill soaps. However, what I enjoyed most, was listening to Bev’s story. Would you believe that her natural soap making journey started because she wanted to create jobs and stop petty theft in her neighborhood? My admiration for her quadrupled – immediately!

After the soap making demonstration, each of us were given our own copy of “the Rain book of natural soap making” and we cued to have Bev sign them…. *eeeeeeep* signingI’ve paged through the book and one day… someday if I have the time, I’ll definitely try my hand at real natural soap making. There’s something so special about it and now that I have my own “recipe book” it’s a matter of time before you see some “original Hipstyler creations”.

You can pick up your copy of “the Rain book of natural soap making” in English or Afrikaans for R220. They make great gifts for the avid crafter!

Head on over to the follow bloggers’ write ups and more pictures of this amazing event and more information on the book:

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