Oh Mio My!

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As I rummaged through a gift bag I’d received 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t stop myself from opening a chic, simplistic box dressed in orange, mint and white. Inside was a very unique glass bottle and the words “Mio liquid yoga” popped out at me.

Since then, I’ve been buried in an avalanche of blogposts covering Mio – all of which were beautiful songs of praise and after reading the 5th raving review, I thought “ENOUGH RESEARCH! Let’s DO this!”

It doesn’t take much any convincing to get me to take a bath. It’s part of my “Sunday-night-get-psyched-for-the-week-ritual” AND I participate eagerly in bath milk Mondays, so I make sure I have ample stock of whatever bath soak I can get my hands on.

The Look (no… not the awesome Roxette song)

As I mentioned before, the box is chic and simplistic and the chubby glass bottle is the same. I have no objections to leaving it out to play on the side of the bath (Aaahmm… I actually think it improves the look of my bathroom… #needtofixthis).

The smell

I couldn’t stop myself from jumping “nose first” into the gorgeous bottle – my expectations were SUPERCEDED! Instead of the milky/creamy smell I usually associate with a bath soak, I was blown away by an aromatherapy-like smell and its dash of herbs and menthol. The smell evolved into a stronger menthol smell as it melded with the hot bath water.

Random informational morsels

The instructions say “Pour a good glug into a warm running bath. Take your time. Stretch out and clear your mind. Then step out of the bath, feeling brand new and ready to face the world again.”

MY idea of a “glug” and YOUR idea of a “glug” are two very different units of measurement, but I believe that no more than 15ml at a time is necessary. This equates to 13 glorious yoga baths!

The liquid is a medicine green colour and is a little oily… but not so oily that you’ll slip and break a hip in the tub.

They’re super good

I also love that it’s free of chemical nasties AND is cruelty free! BIG check plus for them from me and 4 paws up from Pretty.

Does it work?

As a bath soaking savant I’ve built up quite a collection. I’m particularly fond of The Body Shop’s Spa Wisdom Bath salts and Philosophia Botanica’s Wintergreen and mustard bath soak. I guess you can say I’m a SOAK-CIOPATH….…

reallyI always feel relaxed after a good bath and this time was no different. What was different this time was:

  • It felt like I was submerged in a bath laced with Deep Heat – this is a good thing. My skin tingled and I could feel it working
  • I actually closed my eyes
  • My neck muscles were a little less tense

A 200ml bottle sells for R520 and it makes sense. It’s a superior brand that uses quality ingredients and they’re cruelty free, which translates to “guilt-free luxury”. However, if you are looking for a close second, I recommend The Body Shop’s Spa Wisdom Bath salts.

For  more info contact:
Poise Brands Facebook : Mama Mio & Mio Brands
Poise Brands Online: Website

PS… Mio knows a thing or two about yoga yo… check it out!

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