How to make a dragon

My bestie and I just went to watch How to train your dragon 2 and yes, I cried at an animated movie… I always do… Is THAT  a crime? (Secretly happy that I still have a heart)

Anyways, ever since the first How to train your Dragon, I wanted nothing more than my very own Toothless. Being very much aware that there are no such things as dragons (no thanks to Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and the Hobbit trilogy… too nerdy?) I sort of made peace the reality. BUT now… there is hope. I give you….


How to make a dragon

PS… It’s a must-watch… it’s actually right up there with 22 Jump Street…. sooooo … sorry Channing.

sad channing


5 thoughts on “How to make a dragon

  1. Really Leana is this how you make it. I was so excited thinking there was like a DIY but now I have to catch that reptile, no thank you. Seriously dying to go watch number 2. Really loved the first one, think I watched it over 50 times.

    • lol… it’s not fair I tell you. All the movies I watched this weekend had me in tears! And one of them was a damn comedy! Need to get my emotions in check! But I digress…. please go watch it! You’ll love it! And Toothless is even cuter in this one than in the previous one.

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