Hey Gorgeous – Mallow out (Unbiased review… promise)


I have a major Hey Gorgeous fetish – ever since I first saw the amazing brand on Facebook, I’ve been obsessed. Recently, I got a sample pot (which is actually pretty decent sized) of Hey Gorgeous Marshmallow body mousse. My first instinct with any of their products (and because they promise organic products) is to smell and then taste a tiny bit of it. I can’t help it… it’s just how I roll.

So, when I smelled the marshmallow body mousse, it was no different. However, I have to say, it smells more like the pink Fizzers than marshmallows (like I care…). Since then, it’s been traveling with me in my handbag as I’ve spread the Marshmallow gospel every day.

And then there was...Picture taken for City Girl Vibe blog

After the 4th person I showed it to, dipped their fingers into the pot to sample a taste, I sighed a sigh of relief that I’m not the only weirdo around.

It makes me happy

I love creams that not only leaves my skin feeling moisturised, but leaves me feeling happy. Honestly, how could you not be happy when your skin smells like sweeties and feels like a baby’s bottom? This is why it travels with me – it’s my Happy Travel buddy and my quick fix when the aircon dries out my skin.

Expiry date

Hey Gorgeous products are 100% natural and preservative free, which makes its shelf life a little less than the average lotion. I put all my natural products in my fridge and it helps it last longer. However, these products are super versatile, so I like to use the mousses on the tips of my hair (ah hem… split ends) and to sort out frizz. I’ll also admit to using the last bit of my choc mint body mousse as a hair mask – don’t judge. My hair smelled delicious!

The bottom line

250g of Mallow Mousse goes for an impressive R100 and if you opt for its hard core sister – the body butter, it will cost you R175. The difference is that the body butter contains more oils and butters which makes it a richer moisturiser. So if you really need moisture to the max, you might want to get your hands on the butter. However, the mousse is really great and fluffy and absorbs into the skin like nothing else. I even use it as a hand lotion while I’m typing and it works perfectly.

You can follow Hey Gorgeous on Twitter and Instagram (@heygorgeoussa) or like their Facebook page for more deliciousness.


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