Tuesday 10’s – 10 ways to stay young forever

A little while ago, I heard a theory that if you act young, the body follows suit. Now, there’s no denying that genes play a significant role in our aging process, but when identical twins tested this theory, the differences were uncanny.

Their lifestyles were completely different – the one was a married mommy who’ve really taken on the role that she signed up for. The other one was a care free spirit with her only focus being somewhat on her job (not ever all that serious about it and thinking of pursuing other opportunities). The thing is, you don’t HAVE to act older.

How to stay young forever

  1. Have kids? Play with them like you’re one of them. Don’t have kids? Play like you’re one of them. so much room for activities
  2. Try to minimize your stress levels. I know – this is a tuffy… what with annoying people surrounding us daily, but try to relax your mind (also… really trying hard on this one… I have a mental “pick your battles” jar in which I deposit money daily – come end of the month, I have a substantial amount of money and I splurge) pick your battles
  3. Stop nit-picking. Nobody likes a nit-picker. It’s annoying and your “know it all attitude” only makes you less likeable. bleachGuess what… you’re stressing yourself out and also… you don’t know everything… which brings me to…
  4. Be open-minded. Change is inevitable and you just have to deal with it. If you’re not going to adapt, you’re just going to put more stress on yourself AND your inner child.
  5. Exercise – this is a no-brainer. Besides the feel-good endorphins and the stress relief that comes after a good workout, it actually helps your body to stay younger. fit
  6. Eat healthy – another no brainer.
  7. Smoking – who still does that? It’s a long outdrawn novelty and it needs to be stopped. You stink!
  8. A glass of grown up grape juice keeps the murder convictions away – trust me. Just because you have a glass of red wine every night, doesn’t mean you’re an alcoholic. Mother Nature gave you something to ease the stress of the day. Use it. Also, it contains anti-oxidants, which fights ageing! wine - telegraph
  9. Engage in an activity that makes you feel alive! If it’s hiking or bungee jumping – whatever tickles your fancy and suits your budget – Do it. It’s most likely to release endorphins and hormones which is good for your skin and for your soul. feel alive
  10. Be selfish – you know how kids get when it comes to their toys. Be like that with your stuff and your time. Don’t share your time if you don’t have it. It’s your life. If you don’t want to do something… don’t do it. Point! selfish

Let me know if you have any other tips on how to stay young forever! Would love to hear them.

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