Project feel good

feelgoodpicI have a tendency to idolise everyone else’s life and when they find out how I’ve envied them, they seem surprised. I’ve been feeling pretty sucky about my life lately until a friend pointed out a few things in my life that I’d completely forgotten about and just like that, I felt better and ready to take on the world.

I want to put forward this good Karma and have decided to launch an initiative called “Project Feel Good”.

How it works

Every week I will select one person and post little facts about them. These will be people whose blogs I follow, follow on Twitter or just stalk in general. I’ll post little facts about them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but won’t say who it is.

Example: Project Feel Good – This person has 3 blogs and is fast becoming one of THE top bloggers in the country. Can you guess who this person is?

If you’d like to guess who it is, all you have to do is comment on the Facebook posts tagging in who you think it is, reply to my Tweets and copy the person who you think it is or comment on the Instagram posts.

And as a little incentive to everyone who participates in the guessing game, I’ll be giving a little prize away every week – like really tiny, but still… it’s something.

And then every Thursday I will reveal who the winner is and who the awesome person is that I’ve posted about.

This is not a competition orientated thing – we want to get people feeling good. Heart clouds signature


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