Get the Skinny on NoMU hot chocolate!

collage-3.jpgLast month at the Blog Boot Camp, we were treated to a goodie bag filled to the brim with all sorts of spoils and treats. One of these treats was a 200g tin of Nomu’s Skinny Hot Chocolate.

With anything “Nomu”, I expect taste to the max but when I saw the word “Skinny” I was pretty skeptical.

The instructions were simple: “Add 1 heaped teaspoon (10ml) of NoMU Skinny Hot Chocolate powder to 1 tablespoon (15ml) milk and stir to combine. Top up with 200ml hot or cold skimmed milk, stir and enjoy.”

And enjoy, I did! I, however, refuse to spoil something as decadent as hot chocolate with something as tasteless as water … so a full cup of 2% milk it was.

It is the perfect dieter’s treat and with the added excuse of the protein in the milk, my diet can afford a little NoMU Skinny Hot Chocolate.

Friend and fellow blogger, Jess from “The Personal Blogs” (whose blog is looking fabu by the way) suggested drinking it with coconut milk – it certainly sounds delish!

This super cute tin of guilt-free decadence costs only R45.25 and you can buy it online here. I mix a teaspoon in with my protein shakes …. YUH-UHM!

Thanks again to the organisers (Lana and Kathryn) for gearing us all with these awesome goodies! (More reviews to come) ❤


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