#ProjectFeelGood – Yup! It’s Lauren!

lauren GOK, so most of you have guessed who the super cool person is that I’ve featured in my Project Feel Good series. Yay Lauren!

I don’t know if it’s because of the picture that I so cleverly pixelated into oblivion or if it legitimately was because of the hints I dropped, but from here on forward, the pic will be a flower and I will promo the ish out of this flower.

This was really a trial and error kind of sitch and I just want to thank the always gorgeous Lauren for being such a great sport and not giving anything away just yet. Also, Lauren, thank you for being the guanine pig and proving how great this works.


To help better illustrate the big picture, I’ve asked Madam Lauren 4 quick questions:

Me: How did you feel when you found out that you were the first person in the PFG series?

Lauren:  I felt incredibly honoured and a little bit embarrassed too.

Me: How did you feel when people knew that it was you that I was talking about?

Lauren: A little shy and people figured out that it was me.

Me: How did you feel about the things that I said about you?

Lauren: I felt honoured and thankful and incredibly blessed about the things that were said.

Me: Did you know that people envied you for these things?

Lauren: I had no idea that people felt that way, I honestly don’t see why, but that’s my own issues playing there I guess.


Sunday I posted “This person has a real way with words” and Namreen guessed Lisa-Jade. She wasn’t wrong either. L.J. has a way with words and Namreen knows this. This whole exercise it to show people that “YOU ARE SPECIAL AND AWESOME TO SOMEBODY”.

THANK YOU NAMREEN… AND FOR THIS… I am sending you the prize this week. Even though you didn’t guess it right, you proved my point and I’ll send you a little something.

Sunday I will post a new fact about a new person and I cannot WAIT for the response on THIS one!!


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