#Projectfeelgood – Round two

Today marks the 1 week-a-versary of Project feel good and it’s really proven to be an amazing initiative. 

You can read about it stands for and what it’s all about here.

I was going to take a picture of something else instead of contorting a picture of the person, but I thought, I’d give it one last go. I can’t wait to see the response THIS week and here’s the first hint:

This weeks’ blogger was a no-brainer for me. I’ve admired her for quite some time and only recently, really got to know her. She posts so frequently and she actually creates really amazing posts. Her grammar is on par and her descriptions are phenomenal. I admire her dedication to her blog and the quality of her posts.

Can you guess who it is and stand a chance to win a little something something?

who am i 2You can comment here, tag who you think it is on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts and then you’ll be entered into the competition. Remember – it’s not about the prize, but more about paying tribute to these amazing people.

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