Why I do what I have to do on Facebook and get the hell out of there


“Before Facebook, you could just forget people existed… it was great”

I saw this funny quote today and thought “Yup, those were the days” and then I thought… but wait… why don’t I just clean up my Facebook friends list? It’s not like I really have 308 friends, so why do I still keep them on there? The answer is: Even though Facebook friendship is not a real thing, Facebook unfriending is… and people get extremely defensive, upset and downright nasty when they realise the unfriending happened.

Now you’re just somebody that I used to know

Not too long ago, I was ostracized from a group of people (you know – the real kind) and not long after, I was unfriended and even blocked from various platforms (It hurt, but you move on and make better friends). Nevertheless (and in spite of my best efforts), every now and again, photos of them soil my timeline and I’m left to deal with my feelings again.  wine

Some of you might remember my issues with the wedding I was in at the beginning of the year (I won’t elaborate too much). Long story short, I’ve toned down the friendship with the bride, stopped competing for place of “best friend” and said “The C****-show is over”. Since then, die-drol-in-die-drinkwater-co-maid-of-honour sent me a friend request… which is still pending and no… I won’t accept it. dead serious

Still, the vigor of their “BFF-ness” gets rubbed into my face daily on Facebook while I have to grit my teeth at the few and far between emails from her saying “I feel like our friendship has taken a dip since the wedding”. This is code for “Bitch, why don’t kiss my feet anymore?” snap

My perfect life

The mother of twins, with a rocking body, seemingly blissful and carefree life features really high on my “envy” list. She is solely responsible for me initiating #ProjectFeelGood. The picture she paints for the world on social media is that she’s completely happy, but I couldn’t believe that it’s all fun and games for her. I did a little digging (stalking) and found out that she got divorced. Granted – she’s with a hunky dude now and has some super gorgeous friends who parade in their bikinis together, but I just realised that every person has their own burden to bare.

Still, I don’t want to have to “stalk” into people’s dark secrets to lessen my envy of them, so I avoid the “I got a new designer bag”, “look at my six-pack” and “look at me at this super VIP event” pics. popular

Supermodel Incognito

They know they’re hot and they know everyone else knows their hot, but for some reason they still need validation. But the 42 likes 30 comments and 4 shares isn’t enough. They keep posting the bikini pics and the “got mah hair did” pics. beachgirlsAnimal abusers

I’m not saying to turn a blind eye to the horrible things that happen all around us, but when I’m scrolling down my timeline and “BAM! Brutal, Savage content in your face!” I can’t deal.

I’ve spent countless nights trying to envision myself saving animals before they get hurt by things masquerading as humans.


This is really just the tip of the iceberg, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who avoids Facebook. What are your reasons and if you can relate to any of the above, I would LOVE hear from you.


6 thoughts on “Why I do what I have to do on Facebook and get the hell out of there

  1. Kill me now. Dude I delete people on a daily bases, wait no that is harsh, I delete when I feel I don’t need so many FB friends.

    You know what Leana, I think you are one of those people that should be treasure! Is your awesomeness way too much for them to handle?! I am really lucky to have a friend like you, someone I know who is the real deal and will tell me straight how it is. That is what real friends should be like. Not fakesters, who are just there as parasites.

    You are the bomb.

    Dude I have gone crazy.

    But you get it, I secretly still don’t like Facebook but I still have it because of sims and of all the competitions waiting for me to enter.

  2. Hiiiii you! I still have FB but I skip my timeline completely. I have 39 people on there. All family and real friends. I only use FB to manage my (6) pages.
    After my mom died, I lost a lot of friends and cut the rest out. I have one true best friend and she’s all I need. I don’t even talk to half my family, but it’s sooo much better this way. People are drama. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 🙂
    – 😮 Leigh-Ann

    • Leigh-Ann – where have you been this last year?! I think we would have hit it off a long time ago! I have the same issue here – people are drama! I’m so sorry to hear about your mom and the stuff you went through – they don’t deserve an awesome person like you!

  3. I can absolutely relate and actually wrote a post about it last year ( disenchantment of a digital kind ). I’ve since deactivated my account and don’t miss it! I actually call people for their birthdays or personally invite people over for dinner or a catch-up. Much better to keep you honest and in touch! The only bummer is that I don’t get to enter a bunch of competitions due to liking a FB page being a step in the entry process so less chances to fabulous bits that I lust after. But thats about the only down side. Waaaaaaaay less drama and BS to deal with! And less trauma to see – you can’t unsee some of the stuff that gets posted, seriously not cool 😦 But you’re not nuts and you’re def not alone 🙂

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