Tuesday 10’s – you’re a 80’s / 90’s kid – the Leana rendition

You’ve seen the lists and pics of the stuff from the 80’s and the 90’s which brings on the nostalgia, smiles and good memories, but here’s my rendition:

  1. You sang to Salt-n-peppa’s “Let’s talk about Sex” without knowing what you were singing about. 
  2. You remember when McDonalds came to South Africa
  3. You didn’t think this was disturbing at all… pregnant barbie
  4. You wanted your parents to split up so that you could get a super gorgeous step brother … thank you Clueless
  5. You wanted to move into a haunted castle so that your dad could figure out a way to bring ghosts back to life, and maybe, just maybe that ghost would be as gorgeous as Devon Sawa. Devon Sawa
  6. The most memorable thing about “She’s all that” was the synchronized dance at the prom


  1. Libraries? Yeah! Almost difficult to remember hey? But you do!
  2. One rand coins so big and money-like that it was so worth getting as a reward after washing 3 cars! SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA
  3. The best time of your life was when Ratanga Junction opened up, at which time, you were tall enough to go on all the rides.
  4. You wished you could be shrunk down to the size of a penny and get up to all sorts of stuff… thanks “Honey, I shrunk the kids!”

You noticing how the numbering is all messed up????


7 thoughts on “Tuesday 10’s – you’re a 80’s / 90’s kid – the Leana rendition

  1. Honey I Shrunk the kids.. I remember thinking how terrified I’d be if ants were bigger than me! AND I totally forgot about that creepy Barbie. I didn’t have it, but play mates of mine did and I was completely fascinated by it!

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