15 on Orange, Macaroons and champagne

When an invitation to a free macaroon making workshop is extended your way and when said workshop is held at the (fancy) 15 on Orange hotel, you say “Yes, where do I sign?”

I’ve looked forward to this workshop since Heather sent us the invitation – so much so, that I had mixed up the dates and trotted off to a whole weekend earlier. I had just passed N1 City mall when I thought I’d better check my phone for more details and a reminder saying “Macaroon workshop next weekend” popped up. My pride then lead me to Canal Walk where some window shopping was done instead.

Prior to this workshop, I had never tasted a proper macaroon in my life but I knew what the whole concept behind it was – whipped egg whites and sugar… right? WRONG! But let me start at the beginning.

I felt like a real life Alice in Wonderland – all confused, flustered and wondering where the hell I am but when I finally stumbled into 15 On Orange, it was as if I entered a new dimension. THERE ARE COUCHES…. IN THE LIFTS!

I gaped at the majesty of the rich décor and the attention to detail and … THERE’S A SHOE SHOP!

But… just for a moment… lesbehonest… lesbehonest I don’t remember much of the details of the macaroon making process – I believe there was champagne and a guy called Katlego who knew his champagne pouring ish.

But Leana’s issues aside and why you should attend a macaroon workshop at 15 On Orange

The thought of making something as finicky as macaroons, terrifies me and I’m sure it terrifies dozens others too. But once you’ve seen it being made and once you’ve tried it under the supervision of the professionals, it somehow feels much less daunting.

This is also a great activity for the girls. Pop the champagne, snack on some goodies and laugh at your first macaroon attempts with your best friends. At R295 per person, this macaroon workshop is a giveaway and guarantees to be educational and fun.

Here are just a few pictures that I took on the day. Also make sure to check out Lauren’s post and Klets & Kook’s post. (These are the only ones I know of right now, but more will come).


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