Friday Song Crush – aw yeah!

OK firstly… can I just say…. The Lumineers… coming to South Africa = #LIFEMADE! Was totally worth maxing out my credit card for. So we’re going to see them at Kirstenbosch on the 4th of December which I’m really happy about because …

I’ve been JONESING for this type of concert – Summer, Kirstenbosch, Folky/Indie band and flowers in my hair! And since my dearest Chrystal Fighters will only be in Jozi, I only have The Lumineers to keep the dream alive (LISA-JADE…. WE’LL BE REAL HIPPIES)

Secondly – I’m sure you’ve heard the new Kings of Leon song by now – Beautiful War. I watched the video and nearly choked on the wine I was drinking (to get over the fact that Joseph Morgan married Persia White) when I saw that one of my (other) favourite pieces of eye candy – Mr. Garrett Hedlund is featured in the video. garrett hedlund


Anyways…. Joseph… it was fun while it lasted… sheds final tear (shoe die drama)

Have a great weekend!!

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