#ProjectFeelGood – round 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old house (see what I did there?)

Every week so far the response to this series is different and while I got a few big names last week, this week was FLOODED with them. I have to thank everyone for joining in the fun because not only do people get to see that they’re appreciated and admired, I get to discover awesome people that I never knew about (bad Leana).

Cindy is the biz!

Let’s face it, she’s beautiful, blonde, blessed with a lovely family and an amazing writing talent. She’s got quite a following and people love her posts. Now she’s taken on the responsibility of planning the next Bloggers meet in Cape Town together with Nikki (who is totes amaze too). Cindy is creative, sweet and so down to earth – we love her. I think she deserves to be chucked in with “the big wigs”.

Who am I 3The best part for me

After 3 rounds of PFG I have come to see that my favourite part of this entire series is sending an email to my featured person. I LOVE their responses – it makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

“Oh wow!  Thank you for featuring me!  I had a feeling it might be me, but wasn’t sure and I didn’t want to get my hopes up in case you were saying all those lovely things about someone else *blushes*”

Here are the questions and answers:

Me: Did you know about Project feel good before you got tagged into the comments?  

Cindy: Yes I did, I have watched everyone guess for the last two and then loved reading their answers in the reveal. Such a lovely, happy thing to do.

Me: How do you feel about being featured and knowing that people know who you are?  

Cindy: It’s such a weird combination of feelings.  I am totally honoured to feature, thankful for your thoughtful hints and shocked that people actually knew who I was. In my head, it’s still only friends and family that read the blog.

Me: Did you know that people out there love your blog as much as they do? 

Cindy: I know Seth loves my blog, but it’s so wonderful to hear that others do too 😉

Me: My first clue was that even though your posts are generally long, they’re captivating and the way you write grabs your attention. How do you feel knowing that people look up to and love your writing style?  

Cindy: I always worry that but my posts are too long, so I am so glad that you think that they are worth reading!  Writing short posts almost feels like I am cheating my blog so I want to make each one is worth the effort of reading them, if that makes sense?  As to the writing style – that was a real almost tear-jerker moment.  I follow so many blogs because of how they convey their posts and to know that you do the same is a huge, massive compliment!

This week’s winner

I’ve said it before – there is no wrong answer and this week’s winning answer lead me to another blogger who’s blog I’m seriously digging – Ellie Love (Goes in stalker mode… coz that’s how I does) THANK YOU Gaelyn for your answer this week. Won’t you please email me your postal addy so I can send you your mystery prize? (lhenke123(at)gmail.com).

That’s all from me! Wishing you a fab Thursday!

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