Getting Social with Laundry and make up – don’t ask me… just do it!

I recently got invited to attend a “Day to Night” workshop at “I love my Laundry” and ever since Cindy Alfino announced that the next blog meet will be there … the intrigue struck hard.

My mind immediately jumped to one of the first episodes of 2 Broke Girls where these Hipsters rented out the laundromat for their 80’s popup disco party. I won’t lie… I wished I was there. 2-broke-girls-105-1Source

I digress…

Social Club has partnered up with the always classy and camera ready, Fiona from Inspired Living SA to bring us a super fun girls night out while teaching us how to pull off  the perfect Day to Night makeup, clothes and hair transformation. Not gonna lie… I need help in this area!
If you’d like to join in the fun, the tickets are R180 each which is REALLY worth it. There are still some tickets left and I would LOVE to see you there too! Because… wine… and dimsum…. duh! Don’t ask questions… just do it!
Oh… and you see those logos there at the bottom… these will be in the goodie bags. super-duper-anchorman

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