#Projectfeelgood – Round 4

I LOVE SUNDAYS! I never used to but now it’s one of the best days of the week! The first thing I enjoy doing is “Pic Monkey-ing” the person’s picture into oblivion. This time, I really did a number on the picture – it looks like something out of a horror movie – this is totally not the way I see her though.

First things first

Again! Thank you to everyone for being such a great sport! The last 3 rounds have been such a great success that I can’t even imagine not doing it anymore. I got to see some amazing blogs that I didn’t even know existed and I think everyone feels warm and fuzzy.

Round 4

We kick off Round 4 today and I am so excited to feature this lovely young lady, because I’ve known/stalked/loved her blog for quite some time now… since the beginning!

I’ve been lucky to see how she grew into the amazing blogger that she is today.

Here’s your first hint: Her blog is probably one of the cutest blogs right now. Think pink, girly and fun! who am I round 4Let the fun begin

Get involved! Comment on my Tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram posts tagging who you think this person with the cute blog is and you could win yourself a little prize at the end of this week! Stok mannetjie signature


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