#projectfeelgood round 4 – it wraps up with…

Thank you so much to everyone who’s submitted their guesses – you’re all entered into the competition, because there is no wrong answer.

This week however, I’ve decided that the prize is going to Rashieda because she was the first one to guess who this person was and she knew it from day one.

I don’t know if a person who knows Naeemah and doesn’t like her even exists. She is such a loving person and always brings a smile to my face. She has so much going for her and if she keeps going the way she’s going, she’s going to be the president one day… THE PRESIDENT OF SWEETS and ALL THINGS NICE!

I think we can all agree that she’s deserving of being crowned this week’s PFG Queen.

I asked her a couple of questions and here’s what she had to say… also… the gifs were her idea.

Me: Did you know about Project feel good before you got tagged into the comments?

Naeemah: Hellz yes. I am an avid HP&G reader and a Leana #fangirl so obviously. I was kind of shocked that people guessed me though. I honestly had no idea how to reply to the lovelies who tagged me.


Me: How do you feel about being featured and knowing that people know who you are?

Naeemah: LOLZ. People know who I am? 
Oh gosh. It’s seriously an honour because the other bloggers in this series are extremely amazing and the fact that I’m part of it makes me feels like a ball of fuzz!

Me: Did you know that people out there love your blog as much as they do?

Naeemah: Uhh no. I’m still very much shy about my blog so I don’t really put it out there. I’m convinced that the page views I get is from my family refreshing the page all the time.

Me: The first clue was that your blog is one of the cutest blogs around right now. Some of the answers included Minky’s Blog (which is a great blog too). How do you feel knowing that your blog is in the “big girls blogs” league? 

Naeemah: Lol. Well, I think that all female bloggers who put effort into their blog automatically becomes part of that league. But honestly, when I blog I don’t think “this will get me in the top high flyer bloggers league, muhahahah!”, I blog about things I love and things I think people who share my interests will love as well. HI FIVE TO ALL MY LADY BLOGGERS!


I’m sorry… after I’ve composed myself (because I’m still lmao) I’ll continue with my day to day. Thank you so much Naeemah for being such a sport. I am so happy I could make someone happy this week.  This is what I live for!

Until next week!

PS… things are gonna get spiced up some…



5 thoughts on “#projectfeelgood round 4 – it wraps up with…

  1. HI Leana – not sure if I’m being daft and have missed this (and knowing me it’s probably massive and flashing somewhere!) but is there a link somewhere to Naeemah’s blog? After reading this I would love to take a look…
    Love this series and finding new blogs and lovely new ladies to follow. xxx

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