Friday Song crush – and a gif of ME!

It’s Thursday evening and I have yet to decide which song is going to be my Friday Fave. On the one side, I’m eating a big slice of Humble Pie because another South African artist – Veranda Panda, has blown my mind with a trippy video and song called Pineapple Sundae – click here to play video. On the other hand, I’ve got 4 other songs that are seriously bringing my mojo back.


1 – I really just stumbled onto this song while I was looking at the newest releases and I’m sure I’ve never heard it on the radio before, so I thought I’d see how you like it. So I watched the video and I was like… please give that dude some meds!

Klangkarussell – Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain)

2 – This one is also a great one – I’ve never heard it before either. I just want to take my clothes off and go swim in the ocean when I hear it… then I remember that it’s friggin August and I get past the first layer of clothing and I’m like… “This was a mistake… put it back on… PUT IT BACK ON”

Eric Prydz – Liberate

3 – I featured these guys before when they did “Busy Earnin‘” – this one you must have heard before. I’m really getting into it now though… the video almost reminds me of that Christopher Walken/Fatboy Slim “Weapon of Choice” video.

Jungle – Time

4 – THIS one… THIS one took some getting used to… not because I didn’t like it, but because I didn’t wanna look a fool while dancing to it. Then the dork side took over… to demonstrate… here’s what happened: m64zThYES… that IS me and that is what happens when I hear this song

HAPPY BLOODY WEEKEND YALL! I hope these songs gotcha going!

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