I love cup… and I Love Milo

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Love Milo botanical range launch at the NAP store in the Cape Quarter last week Thursday. Contrary to popular belief, I have absolutely no idea what’s happening around me. I live in a little soundproof bubble, where I go about my business, nod, and smile and pretend like I know what’s happening around me. *skips away* tralalalalaaa

Naturally, I Googled “Love Milo” (because when I’m going to launches, I like to know which goodies I’m oogling) and what I found, blew my mind. Disclosure “Yes, Milo DID pop up in my mind” miloIn my opinion, Love Milo takes kitchen ware and décor to the next level. I’ve also been known to use the word “Eye-gasm” when describing their collections. On paper (or screen) these pieces of functional art are beautiful, but seeing them in real life is like stepping into a new reality. I’m waxing lyrical here, but honestly, I find it hard to accept that not all cups come with perching wooden birds. ants

bird cupThank you so much to the lovely ladies over at Girl About Town PR for not only inviting me to the launch but also changing the way I see kitchen ware! I’m also just putting it out there that Love Milo is now my “Go-to wedding gift” brand. That’s all…

Here are some pictures of the event and yes, I got to hang out with some amazing girls:


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