#Projectfeelgood – Round 5 *ding ding ding*

Juuuust a little disclaimer: I have not yet sent the prizes from the previous rounds to their rightful owners yet. I just cannot find the time, but I promise they’ll go out soon.

PFG update – I didn’t think my little sideline project will ever result in a movement of self-appreciation and acknowledgement of the achievements of those around us. Last week I got a mail from someone who I thought didn’t even know of my existence, complimenting me on the initiative. It wasn’t a long email – simply a one liner saying “I love your Project Feel Good initiative. It’s so refreshing to see that there are still people around that uplift others. Keep it up” super-duper-anchormanThis week I’m featuring a very well-known blogger, but I don’t know if she’s really getting the recognition she deserves. She’s all kinds of awesome and a pretty face too and I predict GREAT things for this young woman.

Here’s your first hint for this round:

She is Beauty Bulletin Royalty!

Who am I - round 5If you would like to guess who this amazing blogger is and in the process, win yourself a little prize for your efforts, tag the person in your replies to my posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Only tags will be entered though.

Why you should TAG your guesses?

So that people can see that you think they’re awesome. 😀

Have fun!


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