#PROJECTFEELGOOD – Round 5 wraps up

Thanks again to everyone for entering again this week. I had so much fun with all of your guesses this week and I got to see some amazing new blogs that I never even knew about.

I thought I would also take a quick moment to congratulate one of the previous PFG peeps – Cindy Alfino, on doing an absolutely stellar job at putting together the Cape Town Meet up this past weekend. We had such a great time and I’ll do another post on the event as soon as I’ve played catch up with everything else I’m doing.

This week, I thought I’d see how it would go if I featured someone who I consider to be a blog-celeb and I couldn’t have asked for a better response.

Who is she?

Say hallo to Megan Kelly Botha from Beauty and Baby Blog – Mother, Blogger, Wife, Events organiser, Soon-to-be-SAleb and a force to be reckoned with. Who am I round 5This girl is only 21 years old and has already accomplished so much. 21 year old me would be really jealous of her if I hadn’t known what an amazing person she is. I stalked her on Beauty Bulletin and since then, we’ve become pretty good friends – thanks Twitter you beaut!

As usual, there was a Q and A session and true to form, her answers were as eloquent as she is lovely:

  1. Me: You were one of the guesses in some of the previous rounds – so people know who you are and they love your work. Did you know that these people think so highly of you?

Megan: *Giggles* I can honestly say that I had no idea! I remember reading some comments and so badly wanting to comment with, “I WISH!” It was truly humbling to not only be thought of but to be put in the same bracket as some of the most talented bloggers!

  1. Me: I’ve wanted to feature you for a while now and I’m so happy that I finally got around to it. Now that you have been featured and I’ve put your accomplishments out there for everyone to see, how do you feel knowing that people knew (from day one) that it was you that I was featuring. (In other words… did you know people knew these things about you?)

Megan: It surprised me at how quickly people identified that it was me! And as each hint came through, the same people were even more determined. I feel that everything that I have been working towards is completely worth it!

  1. Me: In my first post I said “I don’t think this blogger gets the recognition she deserves”. In all honesty, I believe you’re one of SA’s best bloggers. You’re really good with words and write excellent posts. Do you sometimes feel like it’s not enough?

Megan: To have you, who I know is a blog-addict, feel that about me and my writing capabilities – well, that is EVERYTHING to me! Often, I feel that what I am doing is not enough but then every now and then, something amazing happens (like this) and you realize that where you are, right now, right here, as a blogger, is right where you’re meant to be! I have come to realize that we all have our little corner of the bloggersphere and it’s just about writing for your audience. I like that we have such a diverse community of bloggers and I love how encouraging we can be towards one another, being able to interact and put my thoughts out there, makes everything more than enough!

  1. Me: I consider Irina to be one of the more successful SA bloggers and the fact that she was willing to bet a MAC lipstick that it was you that I was talking about, says a lot. How do you feel about knowing that you have a pretty big online presence and the respect of so many other bloggers?

Megan: You know that time that your crush’s mom speaks to your mom, in the school parking lot, and you’re like, “Be cool, mom! Be cool!” That pretty much sums this whole thing up. Seriously, I have such a blog-crush on Irina but what appeals to me the most is how down-to-earth and sweet she is! (FYI, I love her cats – no matter how many pictures she posts!) The fact that she was SO convinced and was even willing to bet a MAC lipstick – WOW! That takes the cake in compliments. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet many bloggers due to being located in little ol’ PE! But on the occasion that I have, I pretty much spazzed out! (I still cringe and it’s not event about real things – it’s about what I chose to wear, or how I said hello!) I have such respect for established bloggers who can engage an audience day in and day out. I’ve never believed that I am thought of as one of them but I feel that this has almost changed my perspective and certainly shown me that “kid, you’re doing pretty well!”

Thank you to Megan for being such a great sport and for getting the answers back to me so quickly…. she’s an over achiever! Seriously!!

The winner!!!

Congrats to Irina from I’ll take it all. She was willing to bet a MAC lipstick on her answer (which was Megan) and now I’m rewarding her! Irina, some gorgeousness is coming your way! Mwah!

Until next week!

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