#ProjectFeelGood – Round 6 – ready! Set! Go

Everyone who loves this series, please raise your hand! I feel SO good when the suggestions start coming through and it’s so inspiring to see that we’ve got such a great, supportive bloggersphere in South Africa.

This week, I’m featuring a woman who, in my opinion, has worked REALLY hard to get where she is in her blogging career right now.

An update on the first PFG super person – Lauren Groenewald

As you may know, Lauren is emigrating to the UK in November (my friggin birthday month… thanks Lauren!). I really wish her the best of luck, but it doesn’t go without a heavy load of sadness. I feel like I just got to know her and now she’s leaving, but at least the addition of one more friend in the UK motivates me even more to save up for an overseas holiday.

I’m going to miss hanging out with you! 😦 CAM01489

Let’s get down to business

PFG – Your first hint: I really envy this woman’s drive and dedication to her blogs (yes… plural). She posts regularly and gets invited to loads of events.

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