Tuesday 10’s – 10 men you want to marry

Fact: Hollywood men are artificially bred in some super sexy lab where they are fed the healthiest foods, made to train hard and learn all sorts of languages and accents. I also think they have a degree in “Wooing women”.

I have the female equivalent of the male “Spank Bank” – relax! Not like that. When I struggle to fall asleep, I think “Hmf… tonight, I’ll be Mrs. Tom Hiddleston” and then its a matter of seconds till I fall asleep. Every night, I have a different husband in my mind… because THAT’S normal.

So, I compiled a list of “marry worthy men” and placed them in order of 1st husband to 10th husband. Enjoy!

Johnny Knoxville

I think he is so friggin hot … and naughty. We’ll get married and he’ll probably make me do some stupid stunt and I’ll break my arm and then we’ll get divorced after 3 weeks. But it would be worth laughing myself into a six pack! knoxvilleAlex Meyer

If you watch Tree House Masters then you’ll know who I’m talking about. I’ll be honest, I only watch it for Alex. I love me some muscles and longer than average hair on men *knees go weak*

He’ll propose to me in a tree house he made especially for me and then we’ll be married for a year and then he’ll let himself go and I’ll leave him… totally worth the months of muscles and the tree house though. alex meyerGroot

I think this speaks for itself. With Vin Diesel’s voice and the ability to grow flowers in his hands and his kindness… It’s a no brainer. He also has the ability to grow himself from scratch… which is great. We’ll get married in the woods … you know where my tree house is, and then he’ll probably leave on some mission with the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy. I predict our marriage won’t last longer than 2 weeks. grootAaron Paul

I never gave him the time of day when he played “Jesse” in Breaking Bad because EVERYONE was into him. It sort of put me off. But then … Need for Speed happened and THIS kissing scene …

kissing sceneI was like “OK, I’ll marry him”. He’ll catch me when I jump off a roof while we’re running from the cops. Then we’ll elope (because we’re on the run) and then a year down the line, he gets caught and I’m forced to change my identity.

Aaron Paul…. SO WORTH IT!

Joseph Morgan

yumSo, seeing as I’m on the run… my new name is Persia White and I’ve done some extensive plastic surgery (as one does)… and I look like THIS: PERSIA WHITEThen I will kidnap the real Persia White and keep her somewhere safe, until such time I decide that Joseph Morgan doesn’t do it for me anymore. This one lasts for 5 Months then I realise my cover is blown and I’m on the run again.

Henry Cavill

supermanI will meet perfect Henry, aka Mr. Man of Steel, when he rescues me from a burning building. Yes, there will be mouth to mouth resuscitation involved and there WILL be tongue involved. He’ll realise he can’t live without me and he’ll kidnap me (no contesting from my side) and we’ll live happily ever after… for the next 6 months until he has to go fight crime on some other planet.

Channing Tatum

After being left behind by the Man of Steel, a distraught me, goes out dancing to forget about my heart ache, when I bump into a power house of a man with moves like Jagger. THAT man… is Channing Tatum. Then, there’s a shootout in the club and he jumps to cover me and then we have a MOMENT. ROMANTICWe get married somewhere beautiful and honeymoon on a tropical island when his baby momma comes for him … and I’m like… ica-gifDaniel Gillies

OK OK… enough “hypothetical” (but totally believable) “meet cutes” and “happily for a short while afters”… I’ll be “serious” for a second. When I’m not perving on Joseph Morgan, I’m drooling over his co-star and “Vampire brother” – Elijah. Oh.My.Gah THAT man has swagger! He isn’t particularly handsome but it seems like he can make his lady feel REALLY damn special. If he only speaks to me the way he speaks to Hailey on The Originals while he wears one of his PERFECT suits … I don’t care!

THAT man, makes murder look romantic… elijahAnd then we’ll get married…

Tom Hiddleston

The god of mischief himself, Mr. Tom Hiddleston! OMGeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! He is really, really, really, really so hot. I think I WOULD actually DIE if I have to meet him in real life, so, there really is no possibility of being Mrs. Tom Hiddleston. I’ve seen interviews with him and I LIKE him as a person! I’m really emotionally invested in this one sided relationship. It hurts to look at him and I’m not even kidding here. I love Tom Hiddleston!


marks en leanaLet’s face it… this dork is my knight in shining armour. He cooks and cleans and he says “I’m sorry” when he did nothing wrong. Our relationship was recently measured up to that of Lilly and Marshall’s from How I met your Mother, which to me, is a huge compliment. So, he’s my last husband 😀

Also (and I know it seems like it comes out of nowhere, but it’s good advice anyways) the grass might seem greener on the other side, but it’s because on the other side, a woman is watering the grass with her tears! I just came up with that one myself #selffive Stok mannetjie signature


15 thoughts on “Tuesday 10’s – 10 men you want to marry

  1. This post is so awesome it makes the swallows weep because they can’t keep up… does that even make sense?

    Now, for my comments on your 10 (because we all knew I would rate your ten and raise you mine (there shall be a post on my ten later this week :))

    Johnny Knoxville – completely agree – he really, really is delicious
    Alex – I think you chose him because there is a little bit of Ginger there! I saw that straight away!
    Groot – How adorable was he after the tunnel beat down and he turned around and smiled?
    Aaron Paul – no thanks – does nothing for me at all
    Joseph Morgan – I know you will kill me but I find him meh… Daniel Gillies on the other hand… OMG… I would salivate all over him if given the chance!
    Henry Cavill – meh
    Tatum Channing (Oops I did it again) – meh… I dont know, I just dont get the appeal
    Daniel Gillies – I will salivate #ThatIsAll (Also, he is probably the only reason I watch The Originals and TVD besides Damon because I fell in love with Damon when he was on Lost for like 1.3 minutes 🙂
    Tom Hiddleston – its all in his smile… and his accent…

  2. I’m totally down with you having all these dudes on your list, except Henry Cavill of course – he’s mine – back off! Also, side note, don’t let Seth see this comment ha ha

  3. I’m going to attempt to comment… again… for the third time…

    Henry’s stare and Aaron’s eyes *gulps*
    And you putting your actual bf on your… So cute I could puke kittens right now!!!

  4. OOh, Thank you for you for this, great morning pick me up! I just need to add that Vin Diesel is actually mine, so much so that my surname before I got married was Diesel. It’s fate, destiny really.

  5. and… you will not die if you meet Hiddleston. he’ll just leave you a blubbering mess with those sex eyes and velvet voice. he’s a true sweetheart and a class act — so after knocking you over he’ll apologize profusely, call you darling, and then wonder what all the fuss was about. you’ll be so traumatized by the experience you won’t know what on earth happened. 😛

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