Lips for days (also… words for days)

lippiesAfter being nearly pummelled to death by my makeup in my makeup bag, it was clear to me that some organising had to happen. And in the process of restructuring, I rediscovered some gems that I’d forgotten about *lowers head in shame*

Giving in to my female urges, chanting “Sisters are doing it for themselves”, I scraped the lip glosses, lipsticks and lip balms together and started playing with them like a 5 year old with Tinkerbell cosmetics.

After a couple of hours of testing and putting the lip products through the wringer, I realised that I was sitting on lip-heaven all this time and so I thought I would do a little post.


RevlonI have 2 Revlon “Just Bitten” crayon sticks: one in Lovesick (Fancy for pink) and one in Rendezvous (fancy for orange). These lipsticks were in a Beauty Box that I bought some time ago and at first glance, they didn’t meet my “not-so-adventurous” standards. Not wanting to throw them away, I kept them hidden away in the dungeon of my makeup bag. A couple of weeks ago, I read about how “Orange makeup” is going to be Spring 2014’s trend. Finally! Something I can do!!

Now, the orange I have, does not compliment me all THAT well, so I have to augment a little, with the help of my MUD lipgloss. The combination allows for great colour WHILE nourishing your lips. I’m still deciding on how the pink one needs to be augmented.

Revlon and mud

Revlon – Colour burst lip butter in Gumdrop (fancy for fairy pink) – Here’s a dirty little confession – I love pink, but I don’t understand it on my lips. This fairy pink lipstick has a shimmer to it and would have been great if my skin tone wasn’t that of an Umpa-lumpa’s. But here’s why I will keep it: It’s actually a LIP BUTTER. Which makes it ESSENTIAL for my makeup bag. It moisturises, nourishes and tints the lips and even though I’m not partial to the colour, we have lip gloss to even out the situation.


Karen Murrell

If you haven’t heard of Karen Murrell yet, let me enlighten you. This is a range of 100% natural lip sticks. Did you know that a woman can consume up to 2 kilos of lipstick in her lifetime? If I have to eat lipstick, I want it to be natural. The best part of it all is this: The colours are AMAZING! I have one in Red Shimmer – little disclosure here – I do social media in favour of this product and have received this product as a “thank you for the effort” gift. BUT – it is my absolute FAVOURITE colour lipstick and it smells absolutely amazing. The colour payoff is IN-FRIGGIN-CREDIBLE! You can find these at 27 Pinkx.

Karen MurrellGlamour special

CombinationI don’t know which make or brand this lipstick is, but it was free with one of the Glamour magazines that I bought. It’s pretty great too – not too dark and not too light. I remember something in the magazine that said “suitable for most skin tones”. I’m one of them!!!

Essence – Sparkling Miracle

This one was gifted to me by Lisa-Jade – Essence sparkling miracle. This one fell through the cracks but I love the colour and it is super affordable so there shouldn’t be any reason why every girl doesn’t have her favourite Essence Lipstick in her handbag.

Estee Lauder

Pure colour in Electric Mauve (fancy for baby pink) – Same as with the Revlon Colour burst in “gumdrop” I don’t have the skin tone to pull this one off. Also, I feel like my hormonal breakouts make my situation worse. But, still very nice and it lasts for quite a while too.


Yardley Super

At the Cape Town Blog meet at the beginning of the year I got a Super moist – golden Spice lipstick and at first, I wasn’t fond of it. I wanted to trade it away but I was stuck with it. I have a fair skin tone and I’m not adventurous, but “Golden Spice” makes me happy. AND I CAN pull it off! It’s great for a “night look”.

I won a Glamour/Yardley competition a while back and received a “beyond Juicy treatment Gloss”, amongst other things. I simply LOVE it. It is everything I want in a lip gloss: moisturises, conditions, softens and protects! I’m running out, so I’ll have to get me some more of this… SOON.


AvonBeauty Bulletin sent me these babies to review some time ago. After posting my review, they fell through the cracks a little and I forgot about them *hangs my hand in shame*

Both are very subtle but they completely change the colour of a lipstick and somehow, makes it look better while it moisturises and helps to protect you from the sun.

They’re back in my handbag – where they belong!


Apocalips was all the rage not too long ago. I won the “Celestial” one (not sure from where) but don’t use it all that much. The colour payoff is amazing, but it runs like Caster Semenya for her gold medal. In this case, a little goes a long way, and while it’s really great for day and night, I suggest steering clear of it when intoxicated….



Catrice in Purple Reign – If you need any more motivation to attend a “social club” gathering, let THIS be it. I don’t know or use a lot of Catrice products, but I don’t hate this one. If you have the skin tone to pull it off, you’ll be happy with this plum-ish colour. I think this gloss can rescue the pink lipsticks I mentioned before.

Purple reign

Lip balms

Lip balmsOne of my best blogging achievements (and I know this doesn’t seem like much) was partnering up with LIP ICE in their #oohAah campaign. They sent me their newest additions – Milk and Honey and the Cranberry sticks to review and two more to give away. Since then, my other lip balms have taken the back seat. Nuff said.

At the Blog Boot Camp (which I totally recommend any newbie blogger attend) we received a Piz Buin lip balm. Being as I’m much wiser and more careful about my skin, I keep this little treasure for summer beach days. It contains an SPF 20 which comes in really handy.

Honeymania lip balm – the only downside to this lip balm is that I have to dig it out with my fingers. I have, however, devised a clever trick to get around getting lip balm wedged under my fingernails…

Unlike the Chocomania lip balm, this one really hydrates and it smell and tastes amazing. At only R40 a pop, it’s worth getting.


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