#ctmeetup – my picks from the Goodie bag

Many of you may have seen tweets, posts or pictures of the Cape Town Meetup goodie bags and if you follow Cindy’s blog, you might even have entered a competition to win one of the leftover goodie bags. What a lovely treat indeed.

Admittedly, I had spread the love by giving away some of my goodies to fellow bloggers as I already have exactly the same goodies at home… not because I didn’t want them. Then there were goodies that I simply could NOT part with and here they are:picks

My Smartkid – stuffed felt owl

Who doesn’t like owls? It doesn’t serve a functional purpose in my life… it just makes me happy.

“Designed by a panel of leading experts, Mysmartkid provides tools for Early Childhood Development to help you give your child the best start in life. Enjoy fun activities with your little one while helping them reach their full potential.”My SmartKid

John Frieda full repair serum

Revlon & JfI love John Frieda. I LOVE John Frieda! I’ve used their products before and have filled up my stash from the gift set they sent me at the beginning of the year. The products aren’t cheap – but it’s not unaffordable either and its lifespan is amazing!

I’ve used the repair serum my hair loves it! Say hello to fabulous, luscious locks with this serum!

Revlon – Bold lacquer Mascara

My poor eye lashes are stumpy, few and far between little spats of hair. So you could imagine my excitement when I saw this little treasure in my goodie bag. I think the result speaks for itself. PicMonkey CollageSaszali chocolates

SaszliMy life changed when I devoured two truffles called Berryrosa and Salted Caramel and once my taste buds calmed down and my blood went back to my brain again, I appreciated the housing of the truffles too.

I loved the little wrappers that named and described the treats that I had consumed with haste (because without it, I wouldn’t have known) and after visiting their site I saw that I love my Laundry in Buitenkant street sells Saszali’s truffles and Tortes. And for those getting married, they do gorgeous wedding favours too!

They also have the most amazing flavours – you have to absolutely check out their site.

Washi tape from Washibug

OK, this was not in the goodie bag – I won it. Yeah!!! m64zTh

I’ve had Washi Tape before, but never really appreciated it, until I had some in pink. Now I want to Washi tape EVERYTHING and have even contemplated Washi nail art. washi tapeWatch out for some DIY Washi posts coming soon.

Paper straws from Heart and Home

strawsAnother thing I never understood – paper straws. They look pretty, yes, but you can’t reuse them. Then the internet showed me new ways of using paper straws and from now on, my cupcakes will have a form of paper straw art on it! cupcakes

Romeofoxtrot Designs

I’ll admit, I was jealous of the pretty bracelets that some of the other ladies got, but after meditating on the matter, I thought “Nope, this is totally meant for me”. I always need motivation – now I can look at my wrist and get all the motivation I need. A simple “Time is what you make of it” is all you need to be better, happier and more productive. Their designs are absolutely stunning and really affordable. I’m slowly building on my collection. Also, I’m pretty aggressive with my jewellery and all of my bracelets are still in mint condish!

Romeofoxtrot Designs

Which is your favourite? Heart clouds signature



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