Lush Ballistic – Twilight

In light of recent and ongoing teaser tweets and Instagrams by one Naeemah Ajam, aka The Jam Jar (general treat maker and lover of all things pink and beautiful) and Whimsy girl – Laura, I geared myself up last month for a Lush expedition. I say “geared myself up” because a Lush treat for myself doesn’t end in me carting home less than 3 items and in addition to my haul, Ginger expects a “Sex bomb” Ballistic, at the very least as well. *shakes head and shrugs shoulders* he thinks it makes him… sexy or whatever.

In the days leading up to my haul (or at least my idea of a haul) my friends, Leigh-Ann and Naeemah (in this case, the little devils on my shoulder saying “eating is for the birds, Lush is for princesses”) urged me to dive in head first and not think about it. And dove, I did. Lush haulAs usual I was spoiled for choice with all the wonderful products in store and it was difficult for my left brain (budget side) and right brain (fun side) to meet at a happy medium.

But I’m just going to talk about one product for now – the purple, starry ballistic called “Twilight”. Admittedly, this ball of lavender, Ylang-Ylang and ovaltine ended up in my basket solely because of its name and as expected, it sparkled! Question… could we maybe consider renaming it to “The Edward Cullen”? I’m totally kidding…  kiddingIf you don’t fall in love with the name, you’ll fall in love with the colour and smell and the cute moon and stars design is really gorgeous too.

I cut it up in quarters when I got home, freaked out about the coloured layers and on the Sunday following my shopping spree, I used the first quarter. Lush - ballisticAs I watched how the water changed colour, I noticed little water clouds bouncing around while an abundance of bubbles formed where the tap water met the tub water. The water felt like velvet and the aromas … BALLIS-SIMO (See what I did there… Ballistic… bellissimo… nevermind)

As far must-have-spoils go, Twilight is right at the top with Jimmy Choo Flash perfume and Nine West heels. It costs R48 for a 180 gram ball and if you cut it up in quarters, you’ll get loads of bath for your rand. But apart from the luxurious bath, you should support them, if only for the fact that their packaging is biodegradable and that they fight animal testing. fighting animal testingI’m off to test the rest of my Lush now… *waves as I walk off into the distance*


6 thoughts on “Lush Ballistic – Twilight

  1. Love Twilight! The one that I purchased though didn’t seem to have any of the silver glitter in the centre though which I was quite sad about, but it smelled delicious and definitely left me relaxed! Pheonix Rising is my favourite bath bomb of all!

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