A little sale and a Body Shop LYB loyalty card goes a long way

There are 3 shops I simply DO NOT pass over when I find myself at Canal Walk: Mr. Price, Cinnabon and The Body Shop.

Prior to my Lush haul, I’d spent some time in Canal Walk and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a look at what goodies The Body Shop had in store. As luck would have it, they had a massive sale AND LYB card holders got to buy 3 products and get the cheapest one for free.

I shopped carefully and walked out of there with 3 items for R105! Score! And here they are: TBS mini haul

Early Harvest Raspberry Body scrub

Early harvest raspberry scrub

Prepare yourself, because you’re going to want to taste it… but refrain from doing so. Take it from someone who has tried to sneak a taste… it smells better than what it tastes.

This light scrub looks like jam. It offers a lovely non-abrasive exfoliation, which is great for the sensitive skin on the upper body. It really smells amazing and leaves you smelling like a berry.

Passion fruit Shower gel

Passion fruit Shower Gel

If you’re looking for a shower gel that’s going to leave you smelling like a tropical island, I suggest you choose this one. I love the dark blue colour AND the fact that a little goes a long way. I’ve already used the bottle in the picture about 6 or 7 times … so…

Maringa Body Milk

Moringa body MilkI frigging adore body milk. It started with the Dove one (which I then realised is not cruelty free) and then refrained from using any further Dove products. So you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this little treasure! (I know there are some Leaping bunny issues with the Body shop… but don’t know what the situation is).

The body milk comes in a lovely spritz bottle – so you know it’s deliciously milky. The fragrance is so intense and long lasting that you can be sure to smell of Maringa when you wake up the next morning. Even though the smell is strong-ish, it is a LOVELY fragrance and I’m totally addicted.

Let’s hope they get Leaping Bunny status again!!! Fingers crossed!


5 thoughts on “A little sale and a Body Shop LYB loyalty card goes a long way

  1. I also got pulled into TBS during this special and I walked away with 6 products #hangsheadinshame #NotReally

    I got their eye makeup remover, concealor pencil, 2 brushes, I lipstick and their honey bronzer. I absolutely adore their products and also make a stop whenever I see one in a mall!

  2. Omg! I got hand creams and body butters. I almost took all the body butters lol. I just wish I can take their store scent with me! I love that scent so much. The passion fruit is sold out at Tyger Valley though 😦

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