Surprise!!! Friday Song Crush

You can take away my makeup… I’ll retreat to the cave I came from. You can take away my wine… actually that’s not accurate… don’t touch my wine. You can take away my chocolate… It will be hard, but DON’T take away my music!!

This week has been dedicated to reviews, competition reveals and event updates, but I want to end it off with some good vibes and music. So here you go… somme 2 songs!

The Kiffness – Find a way Ft Shortstraw

Again… my piece of humble pie is getting really big. This is all sorts of kiff and cool and SUMMER… which is why it’s high up on my playlist – getting me into the summer mood! Enjoy!

Lana Del Rey – West Coast

This song’s name was easy to remember because… I so badly wanna go to L.A. one day… this song though… HAWT DAMN… it’s so cool… that LL Cool J needs to change his name to LL Lame J…

Have a great weekend yaaaalll

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