#Projectfeelgood – Round 7 (Hello routine)

You guys!!! I missed posting my construed pic of my  featured person 😦 but guess what… I’m almost caught up with my must-posts and almost completely back on track.

This week, I’m doing something special that will only be revealed on Thursday. The person I’m featuring this week is also special…. but then again… they’re all special.

But First – Namreen… Your prize is going to be given to you on the Hey Gorgeous High Tea *finger snaps* “pardy up in heeehaaaarrrrrr”

Biiiiitch! Hit refresh please!

OK, again… this is how it works:

From Sunday to Wednesday I’ll post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, pics of a person and a daily hint. The picture will be massively pixelated and you will have to guess who I’m talking about. You will have to TAG who you think it is so that this person knows that you’re thinking of them.

What you get: a chance to win a little prize

What the featured person gets: love

What other people get that you tag: even more love

What I get: nothing… just the chance to spread some love

Here’s your first hint: This blogger has been blogging for almost 3 (THREE) years but I feel that she’s very underrated but I envy that she has been a Ponds Blogger of the month!

Who is she? Who am I round 7 - pfgIt’s GREAT to be back!!! unnamed


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