Tuesday 10’s – 10 things I refuse to live without any longer

I’m what you would call “a simple girl”, but this blogging thing has corrupted me into a life of beauty loving and extravagant lusts. Obviously, by “corrupted” I really mean “gotten me used to things that I, as an elegant lady, should know”. Tuesday 10's - beauty picksAlong my way, I’ve collected, bought and discovered some amazing little treasures that “old me” would have considered to be luxuries and that “new me” considers essential.

** PS: see what I’m doing here? Reviews mixed with the series posts… #GENIUS

Here they are – in no specific order:

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  1. Young Solution – Wipe Out: This is a zit-stopper and it’s so versatile, it works for cold sores too. It’s really cheap and it works! Whenever you see or feel the beginning signs of zits coming on, you put some Wipe out on and hours later, the problem is solved.
  2. Lush – Popcorn lip scrub: This aptly named lip scrub is all kinds of divine. While I was doing my lippie review, I used this lip scrub too. Not only did it get rid of old, dead cells and lipstick, but it also moisturised it and it tastes ah-ma-zing! It’s a must for every girl.
  3. Botanical Collection – Tropical Hand and Nail cream: I am NOT a fan of hand creams, but THIS… has changed the way I feel about them. This was part of the “build your box” from the Rubybox event and I wouldn’t have taken it, if it wasn’t for the guidance of Heather de Bruin. Heather, I thank thee, because not only does it moisturise magnificently, it also doesn’t leave an oily residue behind. This means that I can carry on typing after I’ve given my hands some TLC. 2 of 3
  4. John Frieda full repair oil elixir: I realise I’m being presumptuous here by assuming that we’re friends, but I’m going out on a limb here and say that someone who gifts me this serum is my friend. So, the absolutely gorgeous Sibahle (one of my previous blog comp winners) gave this to me a little while ago… and it’s changed my hair! I’ve mentioned this before – I love John Frieda … because they love hair. They just know exactly how to get hair to behave. This oily serum is applied after you’ve washed your hair and before you blow dry. Forget about tangles and frizz – it’s a thing of the past and with my super dry hair, I only thank John Frieda and Sibahle whenever I have good hair days.
  5. Coeval – Hand bag hook: I go out a lot these days and putting my hand bag on the floor seems wrong. So when I found this in my Cape Town Meetup goodie bag I jumped for joy! I also don’t mind displaying the Coeval logo on the table because it’s extremely gorgeous and sophisticated.
  6. Revlon – Bronzilla: This little gem was in my Blog Boot Camp goodie bag and I only recently opened the casing to see what “Bronzilla” was all about. First of all… could we just “high five” Revlon for coming up with the name Bronzilla. I laughed and laughed and then used it and then I was like “damn girrrrl! You gats a tan over here!” If you know where to apply your bronzer… no problemo – I promise you’ll be set and ready to paint the town red in 2 seconds flat. It makes the dullest face look fabulous! 3 of 3
  7. The Konjac Sponge: guys… whenever I went for a facial, the therapist would always squeeze my skin saying “girl… your black heads are plentiful”. I got the pink clay Konjac Sponge which helps with the elimination of black heads and at the Dermalogica face-mapping session, I was astounded when the therapist never mentioned the words “black heads” in relation to my skin. I use it EVERY night because it is mild enough to use on a daily basis.
  8. Catrice – Eye Brow Pencil: I don’t know how I’ve been living without this pencil for so long. On the one side there’s a brush and the other side is the pencil. I use it ALL THE TIME! I got this little treasure at the Social Club event that I attended – just one of the MANY good things that came from it!
  9. Rubybox – Eye Lash Curler: Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory said “It looks like something Tinkerbell’s gynaecologist would use”… I agreed! But when I saw what it does, I was like “I need me some of that”. Naturally, when I saw that it was part of the “build your own box” deal at the Ruby Box event, I said “I’ll take it!” and off I went. WHAT AN AMAZING INVESTMENT AND I WILL NEVER LOOK BACK AGAIN!
  10. Catrice Nail lacquer in Meet me at Coral Island: First of all… what an amazing name! Secondly, this is another gem from the Social Club goodie bag! I love this colour on my nails – it’s just enough to be “simplistic amazing”. It lasts too!

OK… so that was IT! I’ll do my funny Tuesday 10’s next week… mwah!




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