#Projectfeelgood Round 7

This week I did something different. I got approached by the gorgeous Irina from I’ll take it all to feature the equally gorgeous Chicara from Lipgloss Kisses… cue the “awwww”!

Now, if this isn’t a feel good post, I don’t know WHAT is.

Anyways, so, because I don’t know Chicara as well as I want to, I asked the lovely Irina and the ever lovely Heather to help me with the hints this week. (with the exception of yesterday’s hint… coz that was all me).

Business first

This week’s winner is Dawn Wallenkamp who ALWAYS enters – honey, won’t you please email me your postal addy so I can send you a gift?

Madam Chicara (I stole this from Lauren btw)

I’ve always looked up to Chicara – her blog is fantastic, beautiful and I can’t look at it for too long because my eyes hurt from the awesomeness. I think everyone can agree that she’s worthy of being featured in this series! Who am I round 7I sent her an email with a couple of questions and here’s what she had to say:

1. This week I did something special – some of the hints were Irina and Heather’s ideas. Does it make you feel special knowing that 3 people worked on your feature together?
Chicara: Absolutely! I’ve come to realise that I’ve made some awesome friends through blogging. We might not all live in the same city but these ladies are very special to me. With all the competitiveness and backstabbing that happens in the blogging world it’s nice to know I have a group of blogging friends that are like a ray of sunshine.
2. Another special thing – Irina nominated you a couple of weeks ago to be featured. She said that she thinks you need a “pick-me-up” and should know how awesome you are. How do you feel about that?
Chicara: Wow! That’s so incredibly sweet of her. Yes, she’s right. I definitely did need the “pick-me-up”. I think we all go through rough patches in blogging and sometimes we lose focus and end up being a bit hard on ourselves. It’s amazing to know that she always has my back. 🙂
3. From the beginning everyone knew that I was talking about you – almost unanimously! Does it make you feel all warm and fuzzy?
Chicara: It sure does. I think I go on and on about skulls A LOT, so that was definitely a key clue. Hehe. Thanks for all the kind words! It’s one of the reasons I love to blog. Not to be ‘famous’ or recognised, but for readers to get a sense of who I am and to find people who share my passions.
4. Did you know that people like your blog as much as they do?
Chicara: I had always hoped that they did. Ha,ha. In the beginning (3 years ago. Yikes!) I thought nobody would read my posts and that I would have to start commenting anonymously on my own blog. 😉 But I’m constantly reminded that I have a group of ladies that enjoy what I put out there and it gives me an incredible sense of accomplishment. For example I just reached a milestone on Instagram and Twitter. I celebrated 1,000 followers for the former and 2,000 for the latter. These numbers might be underwhelming for some, but they mean the world to little old me. 😉
So… I am now opening ANY suggestions for Project Feel Good! If you would like to make someone happy and want to feature them here, please mail me at lhenke123(at)gmail.com and we’ll get cracking!!!

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