The first Friday Song Crush of SPRING!

Since we’re waiting for a little Summer… I thought I’d put a “Spring” in your step with 3 songs that you’ll love and that will put you in the mood for sunny beach days.

I don’t generally like poppy songs and especially not songs by Katy Perry (I love her more than I love her music), but when she came up with THIS song and sang “This is how we do”, my Perry-love went up a couple of notches:

Growing up, I was subjected to my father’s taste in music which were sort of “bar like music”. It took a couple of years, but it grew on me and before long, I had not issue blaring my 70s Rock CD’s in my car or in my room. This song – Left hand free, by Alt J brought back a lot of good memories.

The following song needs no explanation… Summer is coming and I’m obsessed with this song… you’ll love it too.

m64zThALSO!! Make sure to head over to RashiedaUncut for her new song post!


One thought on “The first Friday Song Crush of SPRING!

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