#Projectfeelgood – Round 8

You guys! This week is a REALLY special feature for me because I absolutely LOVE this woman and I look up to her social as a blogging mentor too. I don’t really know her, but my stalking skills serve me well so based solely on what little I know about her and what I could find out about her online, I give you this week’s first hint.

Round 8 – Here’s your hint, and I’m sorry yall, but I’m NOT making it easy for you this week:

This woman is one of the hardest working bloggers I know. She is directly making a living from her blog and indirectly as her blog has landed her a couple of social media clients as well.

who am i round 8

Who could this fantastic woman be?

If you’d like to stand a chance to win, tag who you think it is in the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts about this person. This way, you’ll make the tagged person very happy. Remember… EVERY tagged answer is an entry! There’s no right or wrongs here.

Have a fantastic week yall!


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