Each Peach is different, but Lush’s peach is SPECIAL

A recent study has shown that the smell of citrus lifts a woman’s spirits… boys… if you’re paying close attention, this means copious amounts of lemony bath products and perfumes with top notes of lemon like Dior Addict Shine and Chance by Chanel.

When shopping for bath and body products, I’m pretty much governed by my sense of smell and seeing as I’m not familiar with the Lush range like my Lush-addict friend, Naeemah Ajam, you could say, I went in blindly. Each Peach

I perused and touched every LUSH-cious product, but ultimately, my nose told me that the Each Peach massage bar is the way to go with its lovely lemony smell and light yellow colour.

labelAt this point, I had no idea what the heck a “massage bar” was and thought it was just a fancy word for “soap” … so I took it. But when the printed label with instructions said “Massage bars are like a bar of chocolate – they melt at body temperature and turn to rich oil on your skin. So using this couldn’t be easier. Rub the bar slowly over your body, allowing it to melt” I was like..

I approveI am a cold person… not personally… but physically… I’m cold to the touch. So, even this little massage bar had a difficult time melting on my lizard skin. My solution? Use it directly after a warm bath.

I always love bath and shower time, but NOW I’m IN LOVE with it… because I smell like a happy lemon afterwards and …. Generally… JUST HAPPY!

Boys… you all heard the expression “Happy wife, Happy life”? Invest in your happiness and get your special lady one of these. And with the addition of Mango butter, she’ll thank you for her super soft skin too.

Oh… another reason why Lush is so very high on my “get list” is because the packaging is so very compost-able ….



5 thoughts on “Each Peach is different, but Lush’s peach is SPECIAL

  1. LOL. I love that I’m almost always mentioned in your Lush posts! 😀 I love Each Peach but I hardly use it because you really gotta WERK to get moisturised with it lol.

    If I could suggest a Massage Bar that will be easier to use for you, it would be Snow Fairy Smoosh Bar. It is way softer but also comes in a bar form 🙂 It smells like cotton candy and pear drops and it has a beautiful silver luster in it that makes you sparkle! It comes around Christmas time so keep your eye out for it this year 😉

    I really enjoy your Lush reviews 😀 eep!


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