#Projectfeelgood, Kathryn!

Yes! It’s Kathryn!! who am i (2)

This week, I really got a kick out of your answers – once again, thank you so very much to each of you for entering – I know that the people you tagged are very happy that you thought of them.

This week was a biggy for me. Kathryn is a very well respected and looked up to blogger and then she’s a great person too. I’ve had the honour of attending one of her Blog Boot Camps (co-hosted with Lana from Lana Lou Style) and I was completely bowled over by what a lovely person she is. I somehow expected this successful blogger to be a little bit of a diva… I was so wrong.

And if you don’t know who Kathryn Rossiter is…. J’accuse!!! jácusePlease go check out her blog – you’ll fall in love with it!

The winner!

Congrats Lizna! You know how to get hold of me! You do that thang!

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