#Projectfeelgood – I lost count of which round we’re on…

I think from now on I’ll just say Project Feel Good – you know how it goes … #goldfishmemory

Last week I featured a biggie – the response was absolutely AMAZING and I wonder how this week will go as I’m featuring another biggie… by biggie, of course… I mean a big time blogger. I just want to clarify because she (her physique) is anything BUT big.

But before I go on to the first hint, I left out the Q & A part of my Kathryn-reveal post, so here you go:

1) Me: Did you know about Project Feel Good before people started tagging you into the hint posts?
Kathryn: Yes I had heard of Project Feel Good and had seen a few posts a while back
2) How did you feel about the hints? Did you know that people think this way about you?
Kathryn: Leana you are so sweet. Thanks for making my week! It’s always lovely hearing a few nice things about yourself that often go unsaid and I’ve been having a few tough weeks recently so it’s encouraging to hear and helps me keep going! Thank you xx
3) This week you were “mistaken” for other big blogging names and this is exactly what I think you are (a big blogger). Do you feel like this at all and how do you feel knowing that other people look up to you?
Kathryn: It’s really flattering to know that people consider me to be a big name in blogging! Kinda crazy that it all started from a hobby! I’m still always amazed that people read my blog, but I do love hearing meeting people who do! I like them immediately 😉
4) One of my hints were about how you share your blog secrets with newbie bloggers and it was then that people knew it was you (because of Blog Boot Camp). Did you know that your project – Blog Boot camp was so well known?
Kathryn: I’m glad to know Blog Boot Camp is widely known but we definitely could do with more exposure as we’ve only hosted 2 so far. I’m glad the word is spreading and really hope it spreads even more before our next event in November!
Thanks again to Kathryn for being such a great sport last week and for answering the questions above ❤
This week’s PFG person

Here’s your first hint: As mentioned before, she’s one of the biggies. She blogs about beauty, baby, lifestyle, fashion and all things nice.

who am I nowI’m just picturing your faces looking at this pic ….


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