HOW TO: Pretty Polka Dotty Nails

If you know me, you’ll know that I canter on my merry way without a second thought to the condition of my nails. Ginger’s eyes twitch ever so slightly at the sight of the aftermath of my 2-week-old self-done mani coat. It takes him a couple of “Leana, when are you going to do your nails again?” for me to finally get sick of it and take it off, after which, my nails would be naked for weeks.

Last week I saw an Instagram post by Beauty South Africa that has changed the way I do my nails forever.

So, I tried my hand at it and this is was the outcome … Polka Dot Nails

And here’s how I did it Some Colours that I usedI’ve been using Hey Gorgeous’ Vanilla Cuticle oil that we got in our goodie bags – AH-MAH-ZING!

Start off with a base coat. I love Tip Top Nails vitamin E base coat – and it dries really quickly. If you don’t have a base coat, you could use any clear colour. I’ve been toying with the idea of a clear glitter coat. Tip Top Vitamin E

*** For the purpose of this tutorial, I used my toenails as guinea pigs *** My naked toes

1) Cut toothpicks in half (You’ll use the thicker part and not the pointy part). Take your first toothpick half (you can also use a dotting tool if you have one), dip into your first colour and dot wherever the hell you feel like it! All the colours

dot them anywhere2) Continue doing this with all the colours you chose. Try to use the sharp point of the toothpick towards the top of the nail to create some diversity – it looks like bubbles.

3) Once you’re done and happy with your dots and it’s dry, cover with a top coat. I would NOT suggest something with glitter for the top coat as it destroys the look of the the “bubbles”. My toes

And then you’re done!

You’re welcome! * skips away *

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2 thoughts on “HOW TO: Pretty Polka Dotty Nails

  1. Ah man! I had to pack all my polishes and I kept only a few and now I want pretty dotty nails too 😦 I better go check what I kept out maybe I have enough colours 😀

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