Tuesday 10’s – the anti-pick up line list

I’ve never fallen victim to poor/corny pickup lines – not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Nevertheless, had a corny line been addressed to me, I’d probably laugh uncontrollably in the dude’s face.

The problem, guys, is that we don’t feel flattered by your attempts. Please make it stop.

In an attempt to to put a stop to this nonsense, I created the anti-pickup line list – the female version – and hopefully it’ll have the same effect on the boys as their pickup attempts have on us:

  1. Are you a mechanic? Because you’re revving my engine! SEXYYY
  2. Here’s a R2. You can phone your mom now and tell her that you found “the one”. *your fingers pointing to yourself* liz-lemon-30-rock-high-fives-herself
  3. You owe me a drink! (why?) Because it hurt when I just fell head over heels for you!
  4. You must be a Zinger Burger… because you’re HOT! jess-new-girl-you-are-hot-gif
  5. Are you an accountant? Because I’d like you to crunch my numbers! SEXY
  6. Here’s a bandage, because you’re about to FALL in love with me.
  7. Do you know how I like my eggs? Fertilized! FERTILIZED
  8. Were you in the Cardigans (band)? Because I want to wrap you around me! 80209-Zooey-Deschanel-flirt-cat-gif-mfYx
  9. You must be a booger, because I totally pick you.
  10. I’m from the future. We need to hook up right now! The future of the world depends on it!drunk girl

So…. I guess it’s official… i-guess-i-cant-hide-my-crazy


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