Happiness is a Hey Gorgeous Pineapple and Mango Body Sorbet

BODY SORBETSJust like everyone who attended the Hey Gorgeous High Tea at the One and Only Hotel, I got the first look at their spring/summer range. As I was helping to set up and pack out the products, I “Ooh and Aah”’ed at each of the new products that I’d never laid my hands on before. Before placing them on the tables I squeezed in a quick whiff and I screwed the tops back on, making mental notes of the stuff I wanted to take home with me (which was all of it).

What REALLY stood out for me, were the body sorbets – an overload of colour and fragrance that my brain could have mistaken for a fruity ice lolly.

“Isn’t it just divine?” Pheebs didn’t have to convince me… I bloody well knew it was divine. “Pop it in the fridge and then use it. It’ll cool you down in 2 seconds flat”, Pheebs’ eyes LIT up as she explained. I normally get very excited about new Hey Gorgeous products because … I am addicted. The body sorbets, however, have even surpassed my all-time favourite Rose Petal bath Milk… Pineapple & MangoI’ve been using this oil-free moisturiser every day since the day I took it home with me and every time I use it I fall in love with it all over again. It leaves no sticky or oily residue and it stretches over the skin like it has no limits. If the smell alone isn’t enough to get you hooked, you’ll die for the gel-like texture and the burst of colour. Pineapple sorbetThese body sorbets are every beach going gal’s ultimate summer beauty companion – with its cooling effect, the summer heat will be a little more bearable.

Hey Gorgeous Body Sorbets come in Pineapple and Mango, Peach and in Strawberry and Mint and retails for R160 each and they ship worldwide. Head on over to their site for more mouth-watering products that you’ll want to sink your teeth into.

Website: http://www.hey-gorgeous.co.za

Twitter: @heygorgeoussa or click here

Facebook: click here

Instagram: @heygorgeoussa or click here


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