Mind your manners… please and thank you

The other day, I was asked to bind a bunch of documents for one of the gentlemen in my office. He isn’t my boss and he certainly doesn’t control or have any bearing on my income at all, so I didn’t HAVE to do it. It’s also something that I consider to be beneath me – I know my value – I’m not being cocky. But here’s the thing: He asked me so politely, that I wanted to bind the documents with gold rings and ask him if he’d like some fries with his bound documents.

He later boasted about me and how great I was and you know what, I would even make him coffee if he asked me to.

On the other side of the spectrum, I get asked (maybe told is a better word) to do things every day by many people – things beneath me and challenging to me (as I’m sure all of you get told to do as well). They might not be nearly as “demeaning” as binding a bunch of documents but because of the way the instruction was conveyed, we feel disrespected and we don’t feel like doing our best. A couple of weeks ago I posted about the ugly thumb sister which ties in perfectly here.

My mother taught me to say “Please” and “Thank you” and to ask POLITELY for the things you need from others – Mom… thank you… I used to think everyone knows about manners… apparently not. please and thank you

Whether you are the CEO of a fortune 500 company speaking to the teller at the supermarket, don’t be a douche. Be polite! A word to the wise, after you’ve barked out “Just bring me the coffee” and you’ve left the room, you’re the butt of witnesses’ jokes… not the person you think you embarrassed. I’ve seen this happening first hand… many times.

You’re probably working for or with people who don’t know about manners, or maybe you deal with people like that – this is not your fault and it’s not your job to teach them either. I’ve had to bite my tongue a couple of times instead of blurting out sarcastically “Please?”… instead I remind myself of this little thing called “Karma”.

Manners and demeanour are much more important than what you wear or how you look. I’d much rather go far beyond the call of duty when I’m asked politely to do something than do the bare minimum for someone who barked out an order.

Joel Osteen said something that is very significant to this. He said “Treat EVERYONE like they’re the gatekeeper of your very bright future”. This means, the cleaner that works in your office? She could know somebody that could change your future for the better – be kind to her! Be kind to the bum on the street and the waiter that makes your coffee, because the bum could be a witness in a crime committed against you and the waiter makes your coffee… nuff said.

And if you’re the one dealing with a mannerexic (manner anorexic) just know this – you are not defined by how people treat you. You are awesome! So smile and know that this is not the end of your story…you are awesome


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